A minimum property price of € 150,000 is required.

A minimum loan amount of € 100,000 is required.

In order to deal with your case, we will contact with you using the telephone number, email address and name that you have given us. We will use these details at UCI ("Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios S.A E.F.C.") only to contact you and reply to any queries or requests for information that you might raise with us. We will not retain or use them for any other purpose, and (unless we are entirely obliged), will not provide them to anyone else.Should you wish to find out more with regard to the legal aspects of this procedure, and in particular how we protect your privacy, click here

you should know
about your mortgage

Professional Help
& Advice

We know how important it is to be advised by professionals who speak your own language. That’s why our team is always there for you at all stages of the buying process in Spain.

Property check

Before formalising the purchase, a number of items related to the property need to be checked as to safeguard the operation. During this process, the UCI legal agents will conduct the necessary searches and verifications, and will obtain the relevant documents making sure everything is in order. No surprises!

NIE number

This is an identification number which Spanish Law requires any non-Spanish resident to have and, importantly, it is a Notary requirement in order to be able to complete any purchase.

Start House-Hunting

If you have not found a property yet, we can give you a few tips and help establish whether the property you are looking at can be financed.
Alternatively you may wnat to have a browse of our bank properties at www.bankpropertiesinspain.net on which preferencial financing is possible.

Additional Buyer
Expenses & Taxes

  • - Property valuation
  • - Land and mortgage registry fees
  • - Notary fees
  • - Solicitors fees
  • - Property purchase and mortgage tax


You are obliged by law to take out buildings insurance on the property to safeguard the property. In addition, at UCI we can offer you extensive contents cover. UCI also offers you Title Deed Insurance.

Making an offer

If you are sure this is the property for you, make an offer directly to the estate agent. If it is accepted, you must make a down payment and sign the deposit or reservation contract.

property valuation

The property valuation is a very important stage of the buying process. On one hand, it can influence the amount you can borrow, and on the other hand, it helps you guarantee that the purchase price is adequate. An authorized surveyor will visit the property and will draw up a survey report.


After our solicitors have checked the legal title and made appropriate searches to check that there is nothing that would adversely affect the property and its value, they will arrange the deeds in the notary and ensure previous outstanding debts, if any, are cancelled.

Required documents
to obtain your UCI Loan

    Generic Documents

  • Passport or Identity card.
  • Experian credit report authorization for UK signed and original returned back to UCI. For others countries where Experian operate, Experian credit report signed on every page. If not credit report from another legally certified provider stating all liabilities.
  • One utility bill (one for each household if living in separate addresses).
  • Evidence of savings and other income.
  • If available, copy of the Purchase Contract detailing the conditions of Sale.
  • If available, deeds or “Nota Simple” (land registry document) of the property to be purchased.

    Employed applicants

  • Last 6 pay-slips
  • Last P60
  • Last 6 months day-to-day bank-statements
    (in which income and other mortgage/loan/rent payments appear; include more than one account if applicable)

    Retired applicants

  • Last P60
  • Pension letters
  • Last 6 months day-to-day bank-statements
    (in which income and other mortgage/loan/rent payments appear; include more than one account if applicable)

    Self employed applicants

  • Last tax return
  • Accountant references and Balance sheets/income statements
  • Last 12 months day-to-day bank-statements
    (in which income and other mortgage/loan/rent payments appear; include more than one account if applicable)
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I hereby declare that all the information in this application is true, including data on assets, income and debt, and that the resources are totally mine/ours and are not subject to any charge other than the ones listed.

I hereby declare that the income and the personal contribution declared in this document come from legitimate activities not prohibited by law.

I hereby authorize any type of investigation to confirm the data submitted and for the granting of the loan.

I expressly authorize Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios S.A. Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito (hereinafter, UCI), as regulated in Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December, on personal data protection, to include my/our personal data (including, where applicable, the email address) in an automated file and its processing, for the loan contract study, as well as the offer and taking out of the Entity’s products and services, even in the event of the loan contract not being formalized. I especially authorize the Entity to carry out all calculations, simulations and operations it deems appropriate with data provided by the applicant/s in order to obtain, through the processing of the data provided, together with the Entity’s risk analysis statistical systems, based on payment compliance probability calculations, a profile of the applicant/s regarding probability of meeting the payment of the transaction analysed. The data obtained from the applicant/s shall be considered as more data for taking the final approval or rejection decision.

I hereby declare I have been informed by UCI and authorize the entity to perform the corresponding enquiries, especially regarding the verification of solvency, through any financial solvency and creditworthiness files provided for in Article 28 of Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December, on personal data protection, with the purpose of analysing the solvency and viability of the transaction requested from UCI.

I expressly authorize UCI to send me commercial communications by electronic mail or by any other equivalent means of electronic communication, even in the event of the loan not being formalized or although the loan contract being subscribed may be terminated for any reason.

The party responsible for the file is Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios S.A. Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, with registered office in Madrid, calle Retama nº 3, 28045 Madrid, before whom you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, or by email to: atencionalcliente@uci.com.

The signatory is informed and authorizes UCI -at calle Retama, 3, 28045, Madrid- to disclose his/her personal data to the following entities for the purpose of promoting their products*:

UCI, S.A. Address: calle Retama 3, 28045 Madrid. Activity: promotion, development and participation in companies and firms related to the real estate sector.

Retama Real Estate, S.A.U. Address: calle Retama 3, 28045 Madrid. Activity: Advisory services to companies, provision of telecommunications services and real estate sale and purchase.

(*) The personal data Subject may exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding the processing for which the target entity is responsible at the corresponding address. 

The signatory also authorizes UCI to record the conversations held with the entity during the requested credit transaction approval process, all in accordance with current Data Protection legislation.